• Transport are available for individuals or groups from Ghatshila (Key Tourist spot), Dhalbhumgarh , Bahragora and Jamshedpur to the village
  • Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal are also well linked by roads
  • Local buses are available from Bahragora every half an hour

1. By Road

  • From Jamshedpur via NH-33, 113 km
  • From Bahragora- 13 km
  • From Dhalbhumgarh- 46 km 

2. Railways

The Howrah-Mumbai Main Line Railway route passes through Dhalbhumgarh Railway Station which is 46 km away from village. For express trains nearest railway station is Chakulia (45 km), Kharagpur (65 km), Ghatshila & Tatanagar. At railway stations Buses & Trekkers are available for Amadubi.

3. Air Route

Domestic flights link Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi