Yatra Begins


Welcome to our village . This red soil pathway through the patches of Saal, Mahua, Palash, Shimal, Kusum leads to our home ..our village ( Abu Haatu) . Here every courtyard is clean, every wall is colourful . Here every man woman is a dancer or singer or musician or a painter. Here food is simple and utensils are clean.

 Real India lives in its villages. The rural areas of our country embody Indian traditions; visiting a village is like holding up a mirror to society.  To go to a village is like discovering the world afresh, a world where rippling field of paddy and green long trees of Saal capture the imagination. Here, culture and heritage are spun into gossamer fabric, crafted into painting of lively types and shades.


Art of living


Including  village haat, Cock fights and local couisines rural tourism beckons you to partake, celebrate and awaken your spirit to the infinite depth and dimensions of life- culture of Jharkhand is welcoming you and as you begin to see, listen, feel and taste, you begin your journey towards culture of this state, wherein the self merges with the expression of the external world. Come becom...

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Live like heaven feel like home...


Be it cooking, craft making, dressing in local attire, partaking in local festivities or learning of unique pytakar painting techniques- Jharkhand invites you to learn and share the practices it has preserved with pride, which in turn bestow upon it a distinct identity and character…

Open your minds to boundary-less spaces. Rural tourism offers the opportunity to interact with vi...

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Come...feel peace and find new mystries


Let’s relive the myth and legend of Jharkhand. A walk in the precincts of erstwhile architectural places sensitizes the modern mind towards the continuing power of past…

Religion is a way of life in India. Every act of rutine life has some element of the spritual in it. The day begins with a salutation to the gods, and then on through out the day. Temple architecture floris...

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